Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic Indigo Charters will not be accepting any charters

to protect the safety and health of our patrons and employees.

2019 Terms & Conditions


Price of quote may change depending on the cost of fuel.


Alcohol is not permitted on any of Indigo charters vehicles. If alcohol is brought on board, service will be terminated immediately with no refunds.

Smoking $80.00 fine

No smoking, if you need to smoke please choose a designated area outside of the vehicle and allow yourself to air out before boarding the vehicle out of respect to other passengers. Smoking on an Indigo charters vehicle will result in an $80.00 fine.

Excessive Clean-Up/Sick Fee $150.00 fine

Leaving vehicle full of trash, food on floor/seats including liquid spills is not permitted on Indigo Charters vehicles. If someone is not feeling well and going to get sick, please notify the driver so the driver and the group can together take the appropriate actions to prevent this from getting on the vehicle (Ex: making an additional stop, getting a trash/grocery bag etc.). Failure to comply with this will result in a $150.00 fine. We want to make sure you have a very clean vehicle every time you board an Indigo Charters Vehicle.


If your reservation runs over the schedule time, you will be bill in 30-minute intervals and 30 minutes after the time the last passenger exits the vehicle. We will bill this to the credit card we have on-file and email you an updated receipt after the transportation is completed.

Driver Hours

Drivers at Indigo Charters are only permitted to drive for 9 hours on each trip in one day; manager approval is required for the driver to drive 10 hours which is the federal law maximum. Drivers must stop to take a full 30-minute lunch when on the clock more than 6 hours. The lunch starts after the driver has his/her food and is ready to begin eating. For the safety of our drivers and passengers all drivers at Indigo must stop to take at least one 15-minute break when the drive time is greater than 4 hours and two 15-minute breaks with a lunch when drive time is greater than 8 hours.


A deposit is required per vehicle, per day to book your reservation. This deposit is applied toward the balance of that reservation and is non-refundable with-in 21 days of your reservation. Deposit amount is listed under total charges.

Balance After Deposit

40% of the balance after the deposit is due within five days of the trip. The entire balance is due seven days before the trip. Cash, Certified Check, PayPal or Credit Card Accepted.

Vehicle Availability

We do not guarantee vehicle availability until your deposit is paid. If you forget to put your deposit down to reserve a vehicle and we are sold out, we will make every effort we can to be accommodating.

Vehicle Parking

IIndigo Charters and its drivers are not responsible for any parking fees while on your trip unless it is noted on this quote and approved by a manager of Indigo Charters.

Driver Hotel

IIndigo Charters does not provide a hotel for the driver unless it is noted on this quote. The group is responsible for providing the driver a hotel. Indigo Charters drivers are not permitted to stay in hotels that have less than a 3 star rating.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your reservation you must do it 30 days prior to the day you have the vehicle booked to receive a refund for your deposit, 29 days before your trip there will be no refunds issued on your $80.00 deposit.

If you cancel with 14 days or less prior to your trip date you will be responsible for 50 percent of the remaining balance after the applied




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