Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic Indigo Charters will not be accepting any charters

to protect the safety and health of our patrons and employees.

Frequently Asked Questions - Help

FAQs - Help

You should book your charter as soon as you can to make sure you reserve the bus you need. As long as you know the dates you will be traveling that is enough to put your trip in the schedule. 

Yes you will need a to pay your down payment on the charter to book it.

No not all buses are equiped the same way. If you are looking for something specifc please let us know.

That depends on the bus. A liitle shuttle bus has no under body storage and the only typicly under the seats. Big have road coaches have lots of under body sotrage and plenty of storage in the passenger compartment. If your are not sure about some thing let us know.

The maxium is 10 hours of drive time for a single drive or about 600 miles. We recomened about 450 a day to allow for breaks and food stops. If you have a long drive that want done as fast as possible we can set you up with tandum drivers.

We strive to provide our you the client with the safest possible vehicle we can. We preform maintenance and safety inspections on a regular basis. We also carrier the federal and state insurance required of us along with any other inspection and paper work. 

Anything can break down at any time but we do every thing we can to prevent this. It is not only inconvenient for you and your group but is not good for us either. If a vehicle breaks down we will do want ever we can to get a new vehicle to your group or get the that one on road safely as fast as we can.

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